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Explore our diverse range of 3D CAD models tailored to your specifications. With the advantages of point cloud technology and converting these data into 3D models such as BIM, the construction industry has taken a giant leap in the age of digitization. While utilizing point cloud data yields rich information, it does present its own set of challenges. Although many CAD software solutions facilitate point cloud integration, a substantial portion of the process to convert this data into CAD models still demands manual effort. At Terra Modus, we collaborate closely with architects, engineers, and other BIM experts to ensure that all specifications and scopes of work are established right from the outset of each project. Our skilled technicians possess extensive experience in converting point cloud data into CAD or BIM products. Before we create a 3D model, it’s important to decide how detailed and accurate you need it to be. This depends on what you’ll be using it for. We’re here to discuss your specific needs and ensure you receive precisely what you’re looking for.

Control surveys to compare construction progress with as-designed models or drawings for quality assurance purposes. The complete 3D model was prepared from a laser scanning data.
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Martynas Valauskis
Head of Survey Center

Considering delving into the world of laser scanning data, but not sure where to begin?

With experience dating back to 2007, our knowledge enables us to customize even the most advanced technologies to meet the unique needs of each client.