About Undet

Undet is a specialized point cloud software tailored for companies in the field of 3D laser scanning and point cloud modeling services. Our mission is to streamline its daily operations, boosting productivity and minimizing the manual effort required to convert point cloud data into the necessary deliverables: 3D models and 2D drawings. Let’s collaborate to make this process more efficient.

Productivity. Undet is created to help users achieve peak productivity by automating and streamlining the challenging process of working with point cloud data. With Undet, you’ll get more done in less time.

Quality. The credibility of the work relies on the precision of the outputs. Undet provides tools to ensure that the delivered 3D models and 2D drawings faithfully represent the real-world objects or environments scanned.

Support. Our team is ready to support at every step of the way: from installation & training to ongoing assistance. We’re here to respond to inquiries, offer advice, and ensure that the most is gained from our software solutions.